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Febright Healthcare is here to revolutionize the healthcare industry with their passion to create change through technological and clinical innovations in the field of the healthcare


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Febright medical is in a mission to create the future of healthcare today by innovating the way patient are treated and cared from the entry to exit. Here, care never begins at the facility but it it a continuous process that evolves and transforms with the patient. From 600-bed hsoptal to medical college to integrated medical city, Febright is making a drastic change in the healthcare domain

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Medical College

Indian Medical Education has seen rapid growth fueled by the country’s severe shortage of medical doctors. The Indian government is consequently pushing for extensive reforms in medical education. Thus, the newly set-up colleges will not face lack of admissions if proper marketing campaigns are undertaken. Currently, the 150-seats medical college has lost its accreditation 2 years after establishment due to the current management’s failure to operate the college

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A world-class Ayurveda & Rejuvenation Centre

Ayurveda & Rejuvenation Centre provides Integrated treatment for medical value tourism patients, especially in long-term rehabilitation programs. This unique centre is mainly for all ayurvedic treatments, wellness packages, and other services. The centre follows scientific, systematic, time-tested, and proven methodologies at both IP and OP units. The centre considers each person under our care as a separate entity, needing singular attention.


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We are on a mission to change the life of people with a good dose of health every day. Connect with us today for all you want to know about our future initiatives